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1. How do I open an account?

Contact us by telephone or email or visit our office if that suits you. If you prefer, one of our representatives can visit you at your home or workplace. You will need to produce 2 government issued IDs to open an account.

2. How soon can I start buying and selling stocks?

You can start buying and selling stocks as soon as you have opened an account and we have completed your Client Account Information Form (CAIF). You are also required to make an initial deposit of at least ₱ 20,000.

3. How do I place an order to buy or sell stocks?

You can contact our trading floor by telephone, cellphone or email.

4. How do I pay for the stocks I buy? How do I receive the money for the stocks I sell?

You can pay for the stocks you buy by sending a check, or you can make a deposit directly to our bank account.
If you sell your stocks, we will issue a check made out to the name on your account.

5. How soon must I pay for the stocks I buy? How soon do I receive the money for the stocks I sell?

You must pay for any stocks you buy at least 3 working days after the day of the purchase. This is known as the T+3 rule and applies to all trades made through the Philippine Stock Exchange. Similarly, if you sell stocks, you will receive your check 3 days after the transaction date. We can also deposit money directly into your bank account.

6. How is my money handled? Is it deposited in a bank? How do I know my cash is safe until my order has been accomplished?

Your money is deposited in our bank and credited to your account. If you buy stocks the purchase price will be debited from your account.

7. Where are my stocks kept?

Like all stock brokers who perform trades through the Philippine Stock Exchange, J.M.Barcelon & Co is a clearing member of the Securities Clearing Corporation of the Philippines (SCCP). The SCCP maintains a central depository of stocks, the Philippine Depository & Trust Corp (PDTC). The PDTC performs book-entry transfer of stocks from Sellers' to Buyers' accounts during settlement of exchange trades and acts as depository/custodian of any stocks you own.

8. How do I find out what the stocks I own are worth?

We will be sending you stock valuation reports as a summary of your stocks (cost, gain or loss, dividends received, total shares) on a monthly basis or on request. You can also consult the major newspapers for daily valuations, view the PSE website or subscribe to a service such as Technistock which give live trading information on the internet or mobile phones.

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